Thanks to my son Yaacov, my original partner in the study of Sefer haHinnuch.  He enabled me to use this work as it was intended to be used, and discover how wonderful it is.  (This web site could not have happened without him either.  He dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the current century and its technology.)
Thanks to my husband, Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Finkelman, always willing and able to help with research and encouragement.
Thanks to my friend and teacher Rabbi Eliezer Cohen, who has agreed to review this material to try to prevent my making egregious errors.
When I was a teen, I attended a program, sponsored by Yeshiva University, called Torah Leadership Seminar.  There I met Rabbi Nisson Shulman.  I learned from him to take questions seriously; to make sure to be accurate when one is speaking in the name of our holy tradition; and not to mistake one's personal opinion for the halachah.  I continue to strive to live up to those principles.
And thanks to all the students who have accompanied me on this study journey in Berkeley, CA, Boston, MA and now in Oak Park, MI.  Each and every one has added to this collective learning.