Reading Assignment - Class #7

Please read mitzvot #196 – 206.  Please consider the following questions, and please continue to fill in the chart we began last class.  (There is supposed to be an additional column for punishments on this chart, but I had trouble getting the charts to load that way.  Sorry for the confusion.)




D’oraita or d’rabanan

Mitzvah #



1.  Aunt, father’s sister






2.  Aunt, mother’s sister






3.  Uncle, father’s brother






4.  Uncle, mother’s brother







  1. If a man has sex with his father’s brother, do both the active and passive partner violate mitzvah #199?  (We will see that mitzvah #209, which prohibits male homosexual sex, applies to both the active and passive partner.)  Consider carefully the last sentence of mitzvah #199.


6.  Consider the cases in mitzvah #200.  The mitzvah forbids a man from having sex with his aunt.  The author describes six different relationships that fit the category of aunt.  Try to figure out what they are, then fill out the chart for each of the six categories.






































Please consider the following relationships.


7.  Daughter-in-law, son’s wife






8.  Grandson’s wife






9.  Great-grandson’s wife






10.  Daughter’s son’s wife






11.  Granddaughter’s son’s wife







Mitzvot #203 – 206 forbid sex between a man and female relatives of a woman he is having sex with.  Please consider the following relationships:


13. Wife’s daughter







14.  Daughter of a woman he is sexually involved with but is not his wife.






15. Wife’s granddaughter






16. Wife’s great-granddaughter







17.    In mitzvah #205, the author summarizes which of a man’s wife’s relatives the man is prohibited from having sex with.  There is a d’oraita list and a d’rabanan list.  Can you identify which mitzvah prohibits each of these relationships?

18.   Wife’s sister.