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Reading Assignment - Class #2

Please read mitzvot #155 – 158 & 162 – 165.  Please consider the following questions:


#157:  The rabbis identified four factors to examine in determining which birds we are permitted to eat.  What are those four factors?  Can you explain how to apply those factors so you could decide which birds we are permitted to eat?


#162 – 165:

            These mitzvot forbid us from eating “shratzim”, “small critters.”  Please make sure you can clearly define each mitzvah.

            Then look at the source verses and try to explain the significance of the phrase, “hasheretz hashoretz al haaretz,” “a sheretz that swarms on the earth.”

How does that phrase impact whether we may eat critters engendered in produce?

            May we eat shratzim engendered in harvested produce if they exit the produce?  When yes?  When no?

            May we eat shratzim in the flesh of fish?  Meat?

            Under what circumstances may we eat shratzim in water?

            The author describes an exception to the rules of bitul.  What is it?  To exactly what cases does that exception apply?