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Reading Assignment - Class #11

Please read mitzvot #224 – 230 and 233 – 235.  Please consider the following questions:


Mitzvah #224:  May one buy an item one knows was stolen?  What conditions does the author mention that would lead a buyer to suspect the item was stolen?  Under those conditions, what happens if someone buys the item and then the owner tries to recover it?  What happens if the buyer buys an item, although the buyer has no reason to think the item was stolen, when the owner wants to recover that stolen item?


Mitzvah #227:  Try to figure out how this mitzvah differs from mitzvah #30, and from mitzvah #226.

            The author discusses oaths to violate a mitzvah.  Is such an oath valid?  Does the person taking that oath violate a mitzvah by taking it?  Which mitzvah?


Mitzvah #234 – 235:  In what order should a judge hear pending cases?  Can you figure out why the halachah prescribes that order?


Mitzvah #233:  What is an authorized court, and what is an unauthorized court?  What is the definition of a wrong verdict?  What outcome if the court gets a verdict wrong?