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Reading Assignment - Season Two, Class #1

Please read mitzvot 147, 148, 153 and 154.


Please consider the following questions when you read:


Mitzvah #147:

  1. Mitzvah #147 prohibits eating helev of some mammals but not others.  Which are prohibited?  Which are permitted?
  2. Let’s say a pregnant cow is properly slaughtered.  May we eat the fetus?  May we eat the helev of the fetus?  Does the fetus need ritual slaughter?  What factors are relevant to deciding?  Does it matter if the mother is a treifah?  What result in that case?


Mitzvah #148:

  1. We are prohibited from eating blood of some animals and not others.  Which are permitted?  Which are prohibited?
  2. The author explains several opinions about the status of eggs with blood spots.  What are those opinions?
  3. Blood that remains in meat after an animal has been properly slaughtered is considered part of the meat.  If so, why do we try to remove it?  How do we try to remove it?  (The answers may be different for different cuts of meat.)


Mitzvot # 153 and 154:

  1. The author explains a complex chain of argument as to why we are prohibited from eating mammals that neither have split hooves nor chew their cud.  Why are we forbidden to eat those mammals?  Is the act of eating those mammals punishable?  Why?
  2. Rambam and Ramban disagree on the permissibility of eating human flesh.  What is the position of each?