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Reading Assignment - Class #6

Please read mitzvot #385 – 387 and 392 - 393.  Please consider the following questions:


Mitzvah #385:

1.        We will try to untangle the information the author provides in the last section of the essay, beginning with “noheget” (p. 98/99 in the Feldheim translation.)  Parts of this section depend on conditions about hallah that the author has not explained previously.  See if you can extrapolate those principles and then use them. 


Mitzvah #386:

1.        Do four cornered garments need tzitzit if they are in storage and nobody is wearing them?  Why or why not?

            The author has an extended discussion of how the mitzvah of tzitzit interacts with the prohibition on wearing a garment consisting of both wool and linen.

1.       Is it acceptable to put tzitzit on three of the four corners of a garment?  Is it permissible to put tzitzit without t’chelet on the corners of a garment?

2.       Is it possible to put linen tzitzit with t’chelet on a linen garment?  Why or why not?

3.      The author explains several different positions about what kind of tzitzit to put on a linen garment.  What are those positions and what support is there for each position?


To understand mitzvot #392 and 393, you may want to review mitzvot #18 and 22.