Reading Assignment - Class #5

Please read mitzvot #378 – 79, 384, 388 – 391 and 394.  Consider the following questions:


Mitzvah #378:

1.        What is the process of the priestly blessing as the author describes it?  How does that match and differ from our current practice?

2.      When were the cohanim required to bless the people?  How does that match or differ from our current practice?

 Mitzvah #379:

1.       Are the levi’im qualified to carry the ark, or are only the cohanim qualified to carry the ark?  Our author describes the opinion of Rambam and Ramban.  Can you explain the arguments in support of each position?  (You may need to look up verses in several Biblical books to do that.)


There are two passages we will look at in detail: the midrash halachah at the beginning of mitzvah #389 and the second full paragraph of mitzvah #384.  Please read these paragraphs carefully, read source verses if necessary, and see if you can follow the argument.  Don’t worry if you can’t; we will work through them together.