Reading Assignment - Class #26

Please read mitzvot #538 – 543.  Please consider the following questions:


Mitzvah #538:


1.        Someone who loses an object still owns that object.  Our author says there are cases where the finder of a lost object owns that object.  How does ownership transfer from the original owner to the finder?


2.      Our author discusses several factors that are relevant to whether someone who finds a lost object gets to keep it or has to try to return it to its original owner. 

a. What factors does our author mention?

b.      Explain whether the finder or each item gets to keep it or whether the finder has to try to return it to the original owner, and why:

1)      Scattered coins.

2)     Scattered fruit. (Why does it matter that the fruits are scattered?)

3)     Round packets of pressed figs.

4)     Loaves of bakery bread.

5)     Small sheaves of grain on the road.

6)     Small sheaves of grain scattered in a front yard.

7)     Small sheaves of grain stacked in a front yard.

8)     A unique item that washes up on the shore of a large body of water.

9)     An item of negligible value.

10)   An item on the ground in a marketplace frequented mostly by Jews.

11)    An item on the ground in a marketplace frequented mostly by non-Jews.


3.      Can you find some cases where a Jew who comes across a lost item need not pick it up and take responsibility for it?


4.      Our author only scratches the surface of this complex topic.  What issues does the author mention but not answer?