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Reading Assignment - Class #25

 Please read mitzvot #525 – 529, 532 – 534, 562 and 566 – 567.  Our discussion of these mitzvot will probably run into the following class, but these mitzvot should be read as a unit.  Please consider the following questions:


Which wars are considered “milchemet mitzvah,” mandatory wars?  Which are considered “milchemet r’shut,” permissible wars?  How are the rules for a milchemet mitzvah different from the laws of milchemet r’shut?


We have seen mitzvot that require Jews to kill members of specific other nations.  In theory those mitzvot are still in effect.  As a practical matter, are those mitzvot still in effect?  Why or why not?  (There may be several overlapping answers.)


Who serves in the army in a milchemet mitzvah?  In a milchemet r’shut?  Describe the mechanism by which soldiers who need not serve in a milchemet r’shut are allowed to leave.


Mitzvot #532 – 534:


A Jewish soldier is sexually attracted to a woman captured in war.  May he rape her?  Based on the source verses and our author’s explanation, what is supposed to happen?   How does this work out for the soldier?  How does this work out for the woman?