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Reading Assignment - Class #19

Please read mitzvot #485 – 490.  Please consider the following questions:


Mitzvah #485:


Please review Ex. 12:15, Ex. 12:19, and Deut. 16:3.  You might also want to review mitzvot #9 and 11.


Rambam and Ramban understand this mitzvah in different ways.  Please articulate each understanding of the mitzvah, and related that understanding to Biblical verses, different tanaitic opinions, other mitzvot, and the Talmud’s assertion that everyone agrees hametz is forbidden from midday on the day before Passover.  How does each approach handle the Biblical verses that support the other approach? What are the rabbinic extensions of this mitzvah according to each approach?  How would people’s behavior be different under each approach?
You might find it helpful to summarize your thoughts on the following chart:

Mitzvah #485

Approach #1 - Rambam

Approach #2 - Ramban

Source verses – the source verse for this mitzvah and relevant verses from elsewhere.



Tanaitic opinions



Talmudic statements



Interpretation by rishonim – how does each approach define Biblical and rabbinic prohibitions



Response to other approach’s use of Biblical verses and Talmudic statements



Would someone who followed Rambam’s opinion behave differently from someone who followed Ramban’s opinion?