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Reading Assignment - Class #17

Please read mitzvot #456 – 462, 464 – 466 and 472. Please consider the following questions:


Mitzvah #472:

1.        What is n’veilah?

2.      What result if a Jew eats more than a k’zayit of n’veilah?  More than a k’zayit of rotting n’veilah?  Assuming the meat is not obviously rotten, at what point is it considered rotten?

3.      What result if permitted food is inadvertently mixed with forbidden food that would add a bad taste?

4.      Suppose someone cooked some forbidden food in a new pot and then later cooked some otherwise permitted food in that same pot.  What result if that second episode of cooking happened 20 hours after the first?  30 hours after the first?  Why?

5.      Look at the passage in Numbers 31 that describes the Jews conquering the Midianites and take their household utensils as booty.  What did the Jews has to do before they used the pots?  Why?  (Hint:  What do we assume about when those pots were used last?)

6.      A pot of permitted food is cooking when a large, ugly insect falls in.  (The insect is not one of the permitted kinds of locusts.)  The critter is promptly removed.  Does the former presence of the insect make the food forbidden?  Does any flavor the insect imparted make the food forbidden?


Mitzvot #457 – 462:

1.       One Jew invites another Jew to join in idol worship.  What should the invitee do?  The author covers a variety of reactions depending on circumstances; please try to list them.


Mitzvot #464 – 466:

1.       These mitzvot deal with a situation where the population of a town begins worshipping idols.  What happens to such a town?  What are the requirements for the behavior of the residents for that result to occur?