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Reading Assignment - Class #15

Please read mitzvot #445 – 452.  Please consider the following:


Mitzvah #445:

The author introduces a new trope from midrash halachah, and then repeats excerpts from midrash halachah that use the same trope in several of the following mitzvot.  Can you find the trope and find the examples the author provides?


Mitzvah #451:

We will not go into the biological details in mitzvah #451, so just look for the main ideas in that essay.  But we will track through the derivation of the rules from the source verses that the author discusses at the beginning of the essay, so please look up the relevant verses and see if you can figure out how the midrash halachah fits them together. 


Mitzvah #452 is also replete with gory details.  We will not do all of it in detail, so read carefully as much as you can and skim the rest.