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Reading Assignment - Class #9

Please read mitzvah #30.  This is the first of several extended essays that appear in Sefer haHinnuch, and it is not very clearly written.  We will untangle it together in class.


The essay covers four topics:  1.  The usual essay about this particular mitzvah.  (See the first four and last two paragraphs of the essay, as laid out in the Feldheim translation.)  2.  A comparison between two types of binding vows, a neder and a shvua.  3.  How to get out of a neder one has made.  4.  A discussion of Biblical references to God swearing.


When you read the essay, see if you can find and summarize these four sections.  When you find the discussion of neder and shvua, you may need to refer to the Hebrew to help keep things straight.  Try to make a list of point-by-point comparisons between the two.