Reading assignment - class #4

This class focuses on mitzvot related to korban pessah, the Passover sacrifice.  We will spend next week and part of the week after on other mitzvot related to Passover, and will see a few more Passover mitzvot later in our study.


Please read mitzvot 5 – 8 and 13 – 17.


This is the first time we have seen a series of mitzvot that together govern a specific institution in Jewish life.  Try to read them together.  Try to create an outline of the process of obligations related to bringing the Passover sacrifice, step by step, a kind of “how to” guide.  Be careful, not all the steps are highlighted for you by the text.


We will start our class by cooperating to create that “how to” list.  We will then go back to certain specific aspects of each of the mitzvot.  We will end with a detailed discussion of the mishorshei hamitzvah section of mitzvah #16.