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Reading Assignment - Class #2

Please read mitzvot #2 – 3, as well as the two short introductions.  These appear in the Feldheim translation on pages 2 – 5 and 52 – 55.  We will return to the longer introduction later on.


You will find more information about these mitzvot than we found in mitzvah #1.  But please follow the procedure from class #1; find the four sections of each mitzvah and try to articulate briefly the main idea of each section.


In the “punishment” section of mitzvot 2 and 3, you will find some confusing concepts.  See if you can articulate the questions you have about them.  As we mentioned earlier, the author teaches us about punishments piecemeal, one little bit at a time, as they come up.  If we keep track of them carefully, we will end up will a comprehensive guide to the topic.