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Reading Assignment - Class #7

Please read mitzvot #576 – 578, 588 - 590, 594 -596, and 600 - 601.  Please consider the following questions:

Mitzvot #576 – 578:

 Under what circumstances may a hired farm worker eat the produce the worker is working on?  (The author’s discussion is not always as clear as it might be.)

 Mitzvah #589:

 The author gives lots of detail in this mitzvah/essay.    We will not cover all of the detail that the author includes. Try to articulate and summarize the main ideas and rabbinic disputes.  Which relatives are prohibited from testifying?

 Mitzvot #594 and 595:

 1.       If a defendant is punishable with malkot, how many blows are inflicted?

 2.      Consider a case where one person hits another person and does significant damage.  What result for the aggressor?  What if the damage is valued at less than a p’rutah?