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Reading Assignment - Class #6

Please read mitzvot #572 – 573, 583, 585 – 587, 591 - 593.  Please consider the following questions:


Mitzvah #573:


Consider a case where a Jew loans money at interest to a non-Jew.  When the non-Jew is ready to repay the loan, a second Jew suggests an alternative transaction.  The second Jew will borrow the money from the non-Jew and will eventually repay the first Jew, paying interest for the additional term of the loan.  Is that loan permitted or forbidden?  Why?  Would it matter if the first Jew participated in the negotiations between the non-Jew and the second Jew?  Why or why not? 


Mitzvot # 583, 585 – 587, 591:


Under what circumstances may a lender take collateral from a borrower?  See if you can read through these mitzvot and summarize the rules that apply to the lender taking collateral.