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Reading Assignment - Class #5

The reading for this class covers a wide variety of topics.  Most of these mitzvot are pretty straight forward.  Please read mitzvot #555 – 556, 565, 568 – 569, 571, 574 – 575,  584 and  608 - 610.   Please consider the following questions:


Mitzvah #575:


The author discusses this mitzvah as Ramban understands it.  In that context the author discusses three types of promises.  What are they?  What rules apply to each category?  Can you explain the dispute about whether someone who promises to give charity and delays doing so is violating a mitzvah immediately or only after three pilgrimage festivals have passed?  (See the very end of the essay.)


Mitzvah #584:


A Jewish man needs to be circumcised, but has signs of tzara’at on his foreskin?  Explain why that man is subject to two conflicting mitzvot.  What should he do?  Why?  What rules govern cases where someone is subject to conflicting mitzvot?