Joining this Project

    Studying Sefer haHinnuch is a wonderful project.  I hope this Study Guide will help make this medieval work available to a wider audience.  Sefer haHinnuch is written as an introductory work, and, with a little help with the background, it can be studied from beginning to end by students who do not have the strongest background in Jewish studies.  Studying Sefer haHinnuch is particularly appropriate for adults studying together in small groups, or as a bar-mitzvah or bat-mitzvah project, especially when studied with a parent. 
   Our class study concluded on December 26, 2012.  This website includes the audio of those classes.  We celebrated a siyyum on January 1, 2013.   After that we continued studying the topic of rodef, issues related to self-defense and defense of others.  That project concluded in May, 2015.  We then studied issues related to conversion (geirut), and completed that project in May, 2019.

    If you are  starting in the middle of the project, you can catch up by following Season One on the web site.  If you don't have time to do that, feel free to join the class anyway.  You will want to review "How to Read a Mitzvah"  and "A Brief History of Halachic Literature" at your earliest convenience.
    You can participate in this project over the internet, starting whenever is convenient for you.  Just click on Season One Class #1 to begin, and follow along class by class.  On the web page for each class, you will find the reading assignment for you to read before you proceed.  Then, you can choose to listen to the audio recording of the class, or read a written version of the study guide for that portion of the work, or both. 

     If you are studying Sefer haHinnuch by using this web site, please let me know.  I would appreciate any suggestions you have that would make the material on the web site more helpful.  If you have substantive comments, pass them along and I will post them.  See the  Contact Me page for email address and other contact information.

I am gratified that those who participated in this project in person wanted to continue studying together.  Beginning on January 2, 2013 we will meet weekly for an in-depth study of the topic of "rodef," self-defense and defense of others, mitzvot #600 and 601.  Although I will not be writing up my class notes, I will post the audio of those classes for anyone who would like to listen to them.
    Welcome, and thanks for participating.
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