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Brainstorming Questions

Are you Jewish?  How do you know?


Am I Jewish?  How do you know?


Does it matter if someone is Jewish? 

Why or why not? 

If it matters, how do we determine if the person is Jewish?  How sure do we have to be?


Who was the first Jew? 

What makes you think that person was Jewish? 

What process made that person Jewish?

Were the descendants of that person Jewish?  By what mechanism?


Should it be possible for a non-Jew to become Jewish?  Why?  How?


Should it be possible for a Jew to become a non-Jew?  Why?  How?


If it is possible for someone to change status as Jew/non-Jew, what exactly has changed?  ie. is that just a technical change in status, a fundamental change in the innate nature of the person, something else?